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    May HR To-Do List

    April 13, 2014

    By , President, Trupp HR.

    Important employment and work place considerations to accomplish for the month of May.

    May HR Calendar | Trupp HR

    Conduct an annual HR audit
    An HR audit is an assessment of your organization’s current HR policies and practices. Audit results are used for creating an effective workforce management plan, making sure your business is in compliance with employment law, and positioning your organization for growth.

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    Conduct an employee survey
    Wondering how to best focus resources to retain your top talent and maximize employee engagement? Conducting an annualized Employee Survey provides a meaningful opportunity for employees to share opinions. Survey findings equip leadership to understand what is working well and to target areas where improvement will have the greatest potential for impact.

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    Review compliance with current exempt status laws
    With potential exempt status changes being proposed, this is an ideal time to make sure you are in compliance with the current laws. The threshold for classified workers is currently set at $455 per week or $23,660 a year. In addition to the threshold there are many other requirements to take into consideration.

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