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    Legal Corner - May 2013

    May 24, 2013

    By , SPHR CCP, Director of HR Services, Trupp HR.

    Welcome to our new Legal Corner designed to keep small business employers informed of critical employment legislation and case law.

    House Proposes H.R. 1406, The Working Families Flexibility Act
    Employment Law Updates | Trupp HRThe Working Families Flexibility Act (2013) proposes an extension to private sector workers of the public-sector rule that allows non-exempt employees to choose paid time off as compensation for working overtime hours. The proposed rule does not change the current FLSA requirements unless the employee "knowingly and voluntarily" requests the change in written format. We'll watch this proposed ruling for updates to our clients.


    Health Savings Accounts Allow Higher Limits for 2014
    The Internal Revenue Service announced higher limits for 2014 on contributions to health savings accounts (HSAs) and for out-of-pocket spending under high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) linked to them.


    Retaliation Claims On The Rise
    Allegations of retaliation under federal employment laws rose to a new high in 2012, 37,836 or 38.1% of all charges.


    When it comes to employee disability, "Mum's the word."
    While most HR professionals understand the importance of confidentiality, supervisors and managers may put your company at risk.


    In the Workplace, Class Matters!
    A Kentucky employer is ordered to pay $1 million in back wages to misclassified employees.



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